Stent Placement Has Been Performed in More Than 100 Infants So Far at Nemazee Teaching Hospital

November 25, 2014;

Pediatric Cardiology Fellow States: "Stent placement for more than 100 infants has been performed in Nemazee Teaching Hospital – Shiraz, Iran."

Pediatric Cardiology Fellow and Staff Member of the Pediatric Department at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) said, "Stent Placement to open blocked or narrowed blood vessels has been done for more than 100 infants at the Angiography Center in Nemazee Hospital. As announced by Web-Da news site at the SUMS' public relations, Dr Hamid Amouzegar stated that this procedure has led to considerable decrease not only in infant mortality rate, but also the need for open heart surgery in this center. He also added," Stent implantation has been common in adults for several years, but has just been done since 2011, in this hospital for infants whose blood vessels between the heart and lung needed to be kept open.

He declared, "It's to be noted that this procedure was formerly done via open surgery and shunting (artificial blood vessel) which was likely to result in high mortality rate. In the method of stent implantation in Nemazee Hospital Cath Lab, one phase of operation is done without open surgery which leads to lower patient mortality rate.”

Dr Amouzegar clarified that, the novel method done at this hospital includes stent implantation with the intention of treatment of subvalvular narrowing in infants with acute narrowing and applying this method has obviated the necessity of open surgery in infants and has successfully been done in three patients.

It is to mention that Pediatric Cardiology Ward at Nemazee Hospital in Shiraz is the main referral center referral for angioplasty of infants and children across the country. Therefore, due to what has been achieved so far regarding the pediatric ICU expansion and independent infant and pediatric angiography, we will envisage quality enhancement and rapid care services to these age groups in the near future.

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