The first diagnostic phantom is made by an student of Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences for the first time

October 18, 2014;

Diagnostic phantom was made by a student of SUMS.

As Web-Da correspondent of Public Relations of SUMS reports: Abbas Ali Ghafarpanah the M.S student of medical physics managed to design and construct a thoracic phantom based on information obtained from CT scan images in the first time in Iran.

Dr. Ali Reza Mehdizadeh faculty member & supervisor of the project, tells: This M.S student achieved to two basic results while acting on his thesis “Designing an establishment Dual-energy subtraction for chest X-ray.” that one of them was a major design and construction of a thoracic phantom based on information obtained from CT scan images for the first time in the country.

He tells: The phantom is used to detect diseases. This phantom made for the first time in the country can be used in teaching anatomy, medical physics and radiology.

Dr. Mehdizadeh states: The phantom can also be used for calibration and quality control of radio devices. 

He says: The thesis of this student is a thesis that led to sales contract for the technology and its idea for commercializing activities has been assigned to a knowledge-based foundation company in the center for the development of medical devices.

Abbas Ali Ghafarpanah, designer & manufacturer of this diagnostic phantom  says: Thisphantom is a model used in teaching radiology and radiation. The used material must be similar to human tissue.

The student of SUMS Says: This phantom, has an appearance similar to human. The educational or diagnostic photograph taken from this phantom is very similar to human, also.

Ghafarpanah says:  This phantom has unique features including its design. The appearance is designed very similar to the human thorax .And the images obtained from X-ray and CT SCAN images of the human body and obtained in the Phantom are similar, too. All components of the phantom can be separated into its various parts and materials such as simulations and TLD dosimeters can be placed in them. Various studies can be performed by this device. We used the software like Autocad and Photoshop in designing and instruction of this phantom .Considering that we take the advantage of this kind of software in the field of medical research.

He adds: The foreign sample of phantom has over 2bilionRs financial worth. This product is built in the country at a cost far less than imported ones and about 50milion Rs is spend.

GhafarPanah states: With the improvement of application performance, the subtraction images could insert on digital radiological devices in the country. And by  using dual-energy subtraction

in imaging the patient, establish a desired subtraction image and help the physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have problems at thorax.


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