Presenting the latest findings in genetics and Stem cells in the third international congress on the prevention of Cardiovascular diseases in Shiraz

October 12, 2014;

The 3rd international congress on prevention of cardiovascular diseases  hosted by the center for cardiovascular research of Shiraz University of Medical  Sciences held in Shiraz.

As Web-Da correspondent of  Public Relations of SUMS reports: The head of the Cardiovascular research center at the university stated that the congress began its activities on Oct/03/2014 and hosts  were more than 120 participants from different parts  of the country.

Dr. Mohammad Javad Zibaee Nejad added: prevention and control of heart  attack , specially premature myocardial infarction is the main goal of this congress. In the Middle East Cardiovascular Research Center of SUMS  is the first institution devoted to the prevention of heart diseases.

He stated that nearly 185 posters and papers for presentation to the congress secretariat of which about 20 presentations related to the Nursing, 67 papers were  about different parts of Medicine  and reached 65 posters were selected among them.

Dr. Zibaee nejad said that in the papers sent to the congress ,various aspect of health including nutrition, physical therapy and exercise in the prevention of heart diseases has been addressed.

Dr.Zibaee Nejad added:  Professor  Malekzadeh, research assistant of Ministry of Health with the academic staff of Shiraz, Tehran, Mashhad, Yazd, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Esfahan and Rasht were the local speakers of the congress. Professor Lafunt, Professor Mani, and Professor Al kani respectively from France, America, and Egypt spoke in the 3rd congress.

He said: In addition to those named professor Baharvand from Royan Research Center who is an expert in the field of stem cells presented the latest findings during the workshops and also Dr.Mani an academic doctor in America who is expert in the field of genetics  presented  the latest research in genetics in the congress.

Dr.Zibaee Nejad stated that traditional medicine, herbal medicine, angiography, surgery and their roll in primary and secondary and control  risk factors of cardiovascular  diseases were the subjects of lectures and posters of this congress.

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