11/25/14 Stent Placement Has Been Performed in More Than 100 Infants So Far at Nemazee Teaching Hospital   More...

11/19/14 Nuclear Medicine Ward at Nemazee Teaching Hospital in Shiraz Is Equiped with state-of-the-art Spect-CT Machine   More...

10/18/14 The first diagnostic phantom is made by an student of Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences for the first time   More...

10/12/14 Presenting the latest findings in genetics and Stem cells in the third international congress on the prevention of Cardiovascular diseases in Shiraz   More...

10/11/14 Top ranked country in the specialty and subspecialty board examinationare of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences   More...

Ethics of Public Relations of the university

Since the human nature is not possible without relations and his excellence somehow depends on relations to other creatures specially other humans, then the ultimate goal of public relations is human rise through upgrading his knowledge level. We are committed to observe and execute the following principles as our mission in public relations: 

1-    Belief in human dignity and ongoing effort to increase the level of respect toward the audience of the organization

2-    Multi –way and equal  communication between people and the organization without any discrimination

3-    Strong belief in people's right to information and actions of the organization plus the necessity of reflecting the ideas, suggestions and information to the authorities

4-    Plan and research to build stronger bridges between the audience and the organization by using scientific and artistic practices

5-    Involving the people and the audience of the organization in decision making and executing programs inside and outside the organization

6-    Making effort to guide the rules, facilities and capabilities toward the real needs of the visitors

7-    Enforce  professional ethics and religious standards in dealing with visitors

8-    Making efforts to create mutual understanding between the management and the personnel through promoting communication and mutual conversation.

9-    Notify and be notified about and report the news, events and current affairs to audience inside the organization and all the people of the province as to know is everyone’s right.


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